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Trying to turn this negative to a positive

Hello Everyone :)

I watched the C-Word film the other night, about a cancer patient who started a blog about her condition, and it really inspired me. I like blogging anyway but as i'm a fashion student, it's all been fashion related posts. I therefore decided to make a new one, i want to devote this blog to help anxiety sufferers out there who feel alone and misunderstood because of anxiety, as i have previously felt and still do feel alone when i'm having a bad day. I want people to be able to relate to what i post and have confidence that it is 100% truth and genuine and hopefully maybe make you laugh every now and then?!

If you want to take a read , i've only just started but will be posting regularly : (copy and paste the link)


Please feel free to leave any comments, i would love to meet more people who are going through the same things as myself, and i wish to create a helpful and positive community with this blog. Whenever i experience anything anxiety related i'm going to write a blog post straight away, and hopefully parts of it will relate to how some of you may be feeling.

We will all get through this together one day at a time :)

Let me know what you think!

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I watch the c word and found I would like to write a blog as I am sure there is people out there that would like to read so I will join you.I have suffer with anxerity for a long time now


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