Hello everyone sorry I haven't got back to anyone been in such a state I still am I was wondering does anyone get where they forget how to swallow and u actually can't swallow. I keep getting it I'm scared im going to stop breathing what is this. I just puked my guts up now my hearts fluttering like its vibrates or backflips and catches my breath please someone speak just some how's I'm so scared all I want to do is sleep but it's 3:45am 😔


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  • I'm actually getting stabbing pain in MY actual heart what is this I'm turning crazy 😭. This ain't all in my head I can feel all these feelings I'm so scared

  • Hi Kayla are u ok love. I've had that before were u forget to swallow its not nice. And I've had them pains. Too it's anxiety xxx

  • If anyone tries to swallow continuously, try it....you cant do it. Your anxiety will make this 100 times worse. Try thinking about an elephant for a minute then don't try and think about it......its hard isn't it!. Your mind will take over when it wants to and will make you feel worse when you are anxious. Obviously to just ensure there are no medical issues get proper medical advice. You will be fine

  • I used to have that same swallowing problem... and this really helped. I read it and I tried it. A psychiatrist suggested to a patient that was having that "feeling" to take a biscuit (cookie or something that dissolves fairly quickly in your mouth - cake or something but the dr said biscuit) and take a small piece. Small - not teeny but small. And hold it in your mouth. DO NOT SWALLOW IT. Just put it in there. Try to forget it is in there....but don't swallow it. What happened for me was that little piece of biscuit got really soft and liquified fairly quickly from the saliva in my mouth. There was no way I could prevent that ... and without even realizing it, my body just swallowed that dissolved biscuit. The purpose obviously was to show you that you CAN swallow....when you relax and let your body just be its normal, functioning self, it works just fine. I swear that from that day forward if I felt like I could not swallow or that I had a big lump in my throat I would remember that biscuit and my body doing exactly what was healthy. I got over that fear so quickly! I truly did. So take a breathe and trust me ... fear is making you believe something that is not true. Sending you peace and wellness....

  • I have had the forget how to swallow for years

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