I hate feeling like this I'm so scared I need someone to talk to!!! I'm just laying in bed and now I feel like I can't breath my heart feels like it's going to stop I'm getting really hot .. I just don't feel right. What if this is actually time I die? I'm so scared I need help I need to be locked up in going crazy right now . Am I dying!?? My heart don't feel right my lungs ribs are all tight and stabbing pains. What if this is a bloodclot to my lung and I'm just thinking it is just anxiety? I don't want to die yet please someone I'm in such a bad way I don't know what to other than write on here. I'm in tears I can't live like this no more .. Why does it make me feel sucidal but I'm scared to die? I'm so fed up. I'm sitting here keep swallowing then I like forget how to swallow if u get Me? IM ON the edge I really can't feel like this no more

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  • I can relate to all of those feelings and I also have high blood pressure. I always keep water nearby. When I feel like I cannot swallow I take a drink which shows that I can - it works well. Maybe just dry mouth. Thinking about it is making me have to take a drink now.

    It turns out it takes a lot for them to actually lock you up. I've requested it in the past. As miserable as you feel you don't sound even close to a candidate for being locked up. Unless you really intend to hurt yourself - then you call for help right away.

  • Kinikia95

    Hello ur pressure went high because of the anxiety? My bp is high also.... 142/94 are u on meds?

  • Lizzette, I don't think it's because of the anxiety alone since I've gone to emergency in the past with full-fledged panic and my bp was only slightly elevated. But I'm sure that years of panic and extreme stress at work is a contributor. I'm 46, overweight, smoker, with a strong family history of hypertension. My 50 y-o brother has had 2 heart attacks. I went to dr about head pains 5 months ago and was about 155/110 so I started meds that day. It's still about 130/90. I've lost some weight, cut my smoking in half, but I know it's my fault until I do better.

  • My love take it easy... We all feeling the same. Today i felt like it was my last day like i was gonna drop dead any min... But i havent!!!

  • Keep posting to us. You need to know that you are not alone. I will answer when you post, and I am sure others will, too.

    We care.


  • Anxiety is a bitch... U think its so much more but don't realize how much anxiety will take over .... Heard a quote that anxiety is wory over something that has or may not happened... How true

  • Kaaayla: I am so sorry that you are feeling so bad. I really can empathize with you. Right now I am scared that I won't ever get better. But I have had panic attacks off and on for 30 years and I know "this one too will pass". Praying for you.

  • Hello I am here for you.I too suffer from panic and scared thoughts I have a terrible fear of death If you have Skype my user ID is Helen.Hutton444 otherwise starlight.294@hotmail.com is my addy or look for me on facebook

    Hugs Helen

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