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just had a massive panic attack well I hope it is! Haven't had a full blown one for ages well feels like it! At first I was just sitting there then I kept thinking my throat was closing up n it actually feels like it was!!! It got me in such a state I started screaming I can't breath!! I hate this. will my throat close up? I feel like it's going to!!!! N I'm going to stop breathing

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Sweetheart, I see your posts daily in my email alerts and I'm praying for you to find that peace. I know what you're feeling. I began to experience the throat closing sensation a few months ago and had never had it before. I thought it was an asthma attack because it sounded like I couldn't get air in. It felt like my throat shut off my airway. Well, I noticed it would only happen when I felt high emotion or crying. It has got under control finally. It won't close on you dear. It is just anxiety. You've been so obsessed with your heart and other health stuff that you're overwhelming yourself. That's all it is. Our bodies aren't perfect. And we won't be here forever either. I think you and Inare similar in the fact that we are realizing we aren't here forever. I think as children, we often think we won't ever die. But it is a fact of life. I think once you learn to accept that part of life, all of this will fade for you! Do you believe in God? I do. It helps so much when you're struggling with anxiety. In the Bible, Jesus even says to not be anxious about your life or your body. God has set a number of days for our life so it isn't for us to worry about! What helped me from that is that since God has already set a time for us to be born and to die then we won't die before our set time. God has taken care of that. We need to just live our life, focus on doing what we feel we are on Earth to do, love, enjoy the good and conquer the bad and not worry. I hope this helps you! As I'm trying to do as well, let go and trust God! You will be set free from this mindset! :)

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