This was me before my anxiety started I was quite a happy girl but now I just feel ugly and fat 😔.. Anxiety has ruined my life and it's got the better of me bcos I let it I just give up now in trying to fight it when I do try it always knocks me back down , I feel so sad hopeless and lost I know I write on here everyday I just want to get out how I feel I'm so scared incase everyday is my last i shouldn't think like it but I can't help it.. Does anyone know anything that can help me iv tried everything nothing seems to be working I hate this!!


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  • Don't give up. You are stronger than you think. I am the exact way but the only way we are going to beat this is by constantly trying. I am the exact way I just feel ugly and fat but it's beause im lazy and stuck in bed most of the time having anxiety. It will click in your mind that you truly want your life back and that you will beat this. Everytime I have anxiety I youtube music for anxiety and just sit and breath and count. Let go of all your fears and try and be numb to the feelings your body is going thru and just count. You have to believe you can beat it. Have you gone to the doctors and been prescribed meds?

  • Belive me you learn to live with it, brighter days are ahead you'll see remember what you are feeling we all feel and all understand you xx

  • I know EXACTLY how that feels. I'm sorry that your feeling this way. But I'm also happy that your feeling everything that your going through that is healthy. It's okay to be sad. It's okay to feel like giving up. But try this instead try to just accept that at this point in your life you have anxiety. And yes it sucks. But it's okay because you have a long life to live and anxiety will not always be there but if it is it's okay because it can't kill you. You are such a strong person you are going through something that not a lot of people can handle. I know today might seem like a bad day but tomorrow's a new day. Have faith that things will get better. I know anxiety can make us feel such horrible feelings. I questioned God why I had to have something like this. Because just like you I was a happy 18 year old girl that was active and very outgoing. But I thank god for putting this trial in my path because he believes that I can overcome it. Just like you. You are a beautiful , strong person ! With so much to do in this world. Anxiety does not deserve to win ! You do. The main thing that brought me out of what you are feeling is that I forced myself to do things. When I felt sick I forced myself to go places because I knew it was anxiety and that I couldn't die I felt like it many times. Lol now it's gotten a lot easier to deal with my anxiety and not let it consume me. Also try downloading this app called calm if you have a smart phone it's worked for me. I hope that I helped. You are not alone even when it feels that way ! I'm always here to lend an ear ! Feel better !

  • Thankyou Jean for your kind understanding words!!! Iv took it all in. Anxiety is such a horrible thing ain't it if you ain't got it no one will understand how it feels!! I hope your okay with anxiety and not suffering x

  • No problem. And that's completely true if you don't have anxiety you can't truly understand how someone feels that has it .

  • Well you are neither fat or ugly! And even if you were - so what! You are feeling anxious - so don't feel anxious about what you look like! Yeah, having anxiety is a bitch, but just think of it as a hurdle we've got to get over. I have found relaxation apps good. Also try distraction techniques like reading or singing (even if you only sing in your head - concentrate on the lyrics!) I find these take my mind off my anxiety long enough for it to start to subside.

    Good luck in your quest to conquer this (and good luck to the rest of us trying to do the same) You aren't alone in this.


  • Thanks sue! What apps can I download that help? I Know I'm not alone I just finding it hard to beat anxiety Hope ur ok x

  • I got a few free ones - Patrick browning - self hypnosis, I love panic attacks, and freedom from IBS (because my particular anxiety stems from my IBS - I think they do different apps tho).

    Basically, they are all relaxation apps.


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