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I'm so sick of feeling like this literally if it's not one worry it's another .. How can I be scared to die and all that but the way I'm feeling making me feel suicidal , I keep getting shortness of breath and pains in my lungs. Iv had a pain in my grion for over 2weeks I really think this is a blood clot travelling to my lung or a blood clot is already so many symptoms I get are symptoms of blood clots but then it can be anxiety symptoms aswell , feeling dizzy constantly feeling like I can't breathe right and body pains, I just can't get it out my head nothing!!! I'm seeing a counsellor I'm on medication. IM actually so fed up of this feeling like I'm going to die. No one knows if I have a blood clot no one can see in my body people say it's very unlikely my age 19 to get blodclots but what if I'm that "unlikely" one. Then I think we'll if it's going to happen it's going to happen. Then like 2mins later I start panicking again!! I dont want to go hospital :(. It's making feel like I don't want to be here no more because of feeling like this!! It's scary my thoughts about me not even wanting myself to be here no more because I dont want to feel like this. My lungs hurt. My body is so tense it's unreal. Guys I hate this I really am so fed up what can I do

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I know exactly how you feel I have so many different symptoms its crazy I had a pretty good day yesterday than bam today driving home felt bad chest pains took a lorazepam and feeling a little better but man what a crazy rollercoaster you will be fine just try and fight back I am having a hard time fighting it it realy takes over but you need to push on you will get there summer is just around the corner it will help...


Hi this is just how I feel. I feel dizzy all the time. Thinkin im gonna stop breathing all the time. Its so not nice. I wish I could stop my mind thinking bad stuff but I can. Its like past few days ive felt like bubbles coming up my right had side of my chest. I know its probably anxiety but its scary cos we think its something else. Do u have someone to talk to love Claire x


I feel the same way but I'M not thinking suicide! It really helps me when I exercise and keep busy! I wish there was something I could do 2 ease ur mind, but it's all up 2 u, u have 2 know that it's anxiety!


I hate to see someone so young suffer like this. I guess the first thing is to get a drs. ok, general checkup. Do you take the birth control pill or any hormones. I did at 19 for irregularities. Those can cause blood clots. Its most likely panic/ anxiety disorder but it never hurts to get that from a Dr. Ok your in counseling and on meds, is this new? If so, give the meds time to work It took 6 weeks for mine to help in 1992. They work as fast as a week to 10 days now. Some like Zoloft,Paxil, still take a month. If you have been on them a while, it might not be the drug for you. Consult whoever perscribed them.

Your cycling your anxiety, you worry about it, then it happens, then you worry, then it happens again. This still happens sometimes for me and im 56.


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