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Panic Attacks

So, I've had my share of panic attacks, but they're a bit different then the dizzy, sweaty, raving heart kind.

Mine used to occur in peaks. Out of the blue, I'd have this huge leap of anxiety and I'd clutch my phone on a few occasions, out of fear, throw my phone. I now realize that that was my instinctual attempt at diverting my attention. My first panic attack I had, I'd grabbed my sister's arms out of fear and I know she was shouting "ow" but it couldn't penetrate through the fear.

It's cause I used to "look for a way out" because what I fear is internal, (like sickness and such) so it is not like I can get out of my own body.

But anyway. My second panic attack was the worst. It felt almost like something was breaking out of my chest. I was being hit with currents of anxiety and that one I did have a racing heart and shaking hands. And I still do get that shaky hand thing, accompanied by fast heartbeat.

But, Im no longer afraid of having those "attacks." They stopped once I stopped worrying over them and only returned when my fearful thoughts did. They don't last long, and I usually don't get them anymore. If I do, it's never as bad.

How do other panic attacks feel for you guys? I stopped fearing mine when I realized they weren't a danger to me.

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Very helpful. Just need to convince myself of that when I am having a bad one. Thank you!


As you say - mine just seem to come out of the blue too. usually when I'm out for a meal or drink. Its a bit like being microwaved! I get this heat and pins and needles in my hands/arms. And for some unknown reason I seem to visualise an electric blue colour. (whats all that about!!)

What seems to help is not fighting and worrying about what is starting to happen. Instead - invite that panic attack in to do it's worst. For some reason that seems to help it to go. I suppose its like a fear of spiders or something - when you hold them you find they aren't going to hurt you!


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