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When I said about my leg to the doctor yesterday he didn't he say anything he just ignored the question basically , Iv been having pain in my grion and thigh for over a week now it's swelling up :/ .. The paramedic said yesterday it could be a bloodcclot just explain when you see a doctor but I didn't he didn't even look at my leg or anything. Is this a bloodcclot .. No one will ever know because you can't see in my body :(. Whys it swelling it's not proper bad , but what if it's to late and travels to my lung. :((

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Did the paramedic see your leg or was it based off you telling them it was swollen?

Go to another doctor, also say you make an appointment for your heart. (You know when they ask for the reason) and then you get there and you mention something else they won't listen to you. They'll brush it off.


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