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Terrible attack

Was having a pretty good day then I layed down and woke up wirh chest pains and mind racing thinking I was having heart attack.took my pulse many times and convinced myself it was getting lower got up and walked around a min and went and took a lorazepan and a hot bath feeling a bit better now I feel very tense man I hate this anxiety and panic where dose it come from .....

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sympathetic nervous system. My worst symptoms come when I think things are fine. Im 56 and have dealt with this since I was 7. I would literally shake in bed. Stop taking your pulse, when I did it It was always low or fine. I suspect your going to need more than lorazapam, Aivan was to tranqulizing for me.

Zoloft helped me and I take 2 atenolol a day to help control heart symptoms and a Klonopin before bed. Anxiety is pretty well controlled except for some occasional breakthroughs. Talk to your Dr. and or find a community counselor. ( if worse comes to it your local hospital may have a mental health wing that can advise you) .


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