I'm so sick of this I really dont know what's wrong with me .. I can't handle this no more , right now I'm getting chest pains its on my left side and it's kinda stabbing I keep saying this is just anxiety ! But I don't get how it is how can anxiety cause you to have pain in your chest for no reason there must be a reason:( .. The top of my leg and my groin have been hurting for other a week now I think it's a blood clot in my leg but I will never know. I feel really hot right now and this stabbing pains in my chest are making my heart beat fast. My family are so sick of me they don't even support how I feel or anything. Why every pain I get do I feel like I'm going to die I'm got the obbsession and I can't get out of it. I am in my bedroom 24/7 I don't go out because if I even go to the shops I feel like I can't breath and I get really panicky people just look at me weird. This has ruined my life and I really duno how to shake it off . No matter how much reassurance I get its just not enough to stop me feeling like this. I was suppose to go back to work this month? How can I? When I'm like this I can't. Maybe I just can't accept its anxiety and there's something seriously wrong with me .. I got to counselling about it I take medication nothing I mean nothing is helping I can't do this no more :(


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  • Hunny i completely understand u... Since October this been my life... Thinking im dyeing everyday.... With the symptoms... Rapid heart beat... Skipped beat, makes me dizzy, light headed... Chest pain, chest compression, etc

  • I'm so sorry your going through this yet again I feel your pain your gonna be ok.

  • Hellooo yer you can get pains that fill real but are not every wear on body if think about it even say 1min yer brain say that hurts then you do same with mind mad things our minds can do to us a :-)

  • The stabbing pains in the heart for me was acid indigestion, I really think you need tummy meds like pantoprozole or even try gaviscon

  • It's so so horrible I hate it :(. I have gaviscon and stomach tablets

  • I'm 62, but when I was 18 I had my first panic attack - I took measles which hit me badly and I had other stressors going on, too. I had all the chest stuff, tightness, pain, palpitations and the 'can't take a breath' symptoms. I was due to start a new job after just leaving school. I used to go to see my doctor on a regular basis to tell him there was something wrong with my heart. He would continually tell me it was anxiety - and he was right. The anxiety eventually subsided as I began to enjoy life, meeting new friends, going out etc. I didn't realise it had gone until one day I just didn't feel any symptoms or feel panicked. It did raise it's head a couple of times in my life but that's because of the way I think and deal( or not deal) with life issues. I want to say, please believe and accept that your symptoms are a result of a nervous system which is under pressure and the attention you give to them. Try to do things you want to, live your life and it will go.

  • What is measles.. Yeah I get it to you feel like you can't breath like your suffocating, I constantly get it and think I'm going to have a heart attack.. My worst is a bloodcclot that's going to travel to my lung :(. I'm glad your better now x

  • Measles is a viral infection, usually contracted in childhood. It can cause damage to hearing and eyesight but children are usually vaccinated, these days, so it's not common now. I understand the feeling of suffocation. I once took myself to the emergency dept. when I couldn't get a breath - typical anxiety response. When you lose focus on your breath it will self-regulate. I recovered when I was affected by anxiety years ago but it has come back because of many stressors in my life - mainly family responsibilities but it makes me dizzy and off-balance. Very difficult to deal with. I try to just get on with things knowing that if I accept it and not fear it, it will go. x

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