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Another lump, losing it!

I find my anxiety is at bay when there's no obvious immediate threat.

After finding a small mass, on my scrotal wall (not my testes) in a panic again. It's unclear whether the mass is under the outer skin or on the inner wall of scrotum but no larger than a grain of wheat.

So did the normal thing and went to the docs,

He wasn't very clear on his answer of what it may be but the conclusion was if it grows or if it's not away within 4-5 weeks then to go back. So left worrying and constantly checking over the next while.

Anyone else had any experience of what I've got any advice?

Thanks in advance

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I'm the same as you. I feel okay if there's nothing immediate to worry me, but if I do have a worry I'm off on one for days.

Checking for lumps is one of my worst habits suffering from health anxiety as I do. I know just how you feel and doctors just aren't reassuring at all. Wait and see isn't helpful to people like us. We need a definite answer.

Hopefully it's just a cyst. I've had one 'down there' for over 20 years now. Mine felt like a small hard pea. I went to the doctor terrified and he wasn't overly interested and said go away and forget about it.

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Thanks, yea I think because it's irrational thought doctors can't/don't recognise it and almost laugh it off.

I've had one female doctor who could empathise with my situation and was very helpful.

I was on anti depressants and anti anxiety tablets for a while, and after a change in some circumstances feel pretty good. But as soon as I have a problem or find a lump or other symptoms it's a downward spiral until I get a definite answer.

I had a lump at my back passage for a while and it started to bother me, psychologically, went to the doctors and ended up waiting 4 months to see a specialist. In that time I was driving myself insane.

Turns out to be nothing to be concerned about and because the doctor was very definite about that I felt a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

But this wait and see is going to drive me nuts for the next few weeks.


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