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I have Anxiety Attacks for 6 years. I refused to take any medication and went for Bio Feedback. That helped somewhat but it was not until I borrowed Deepak Chopra tapes that I was cured. I would get on the treadmill and listen to these tapes. You all need some form of relaxation and exercise is a key component too.

Take deep breaths, turn the TV on, call a friend and I hope all of you will be able to get where I am now. There are times when I still may have one, but I realize what it is and calm myself down.

Good Luck everyone !!

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You have inspired me to try Deepak Chopra tapes....thank you so much for posting.

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You're so welcome. I know it will help. Stay positive. Believe me, it works. I was an EMT and still was scared. Take care.


Yes, finding that balance and visualizations that help to calm your senses back down is the key to overcoming anxiety. I ran across this blog and thought it might be helpful.

Best of LucK!


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