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Head does strange things

My head does very weird things that can make days unbearable.

I feel just wrong inside my head, it feels like it's swimming, it can come in waves and some days it's not there at all. It can make me feel like I'm going to pass out or make me very off balance like I can't walk straight.

It canne very hard to concentrate on simple things and sometimes I feel like I can't even talk. I also sway a lot when standing still and get VERY dizzy.

Does anyone else get like this?

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Yes I get like this and so do a lot of other people on here. :) It's frightening. It is very probably anxiety but always worth keeping a check on any physical causes. I have been to the doctors for blood tests as I have been feeling so weird for so long but particularly lately getting this lightheadedness and dizziness and unable to tolerate eating anything except bread and butter; can't stand the sight or smell of meat and also can't eat at all in the mornings which is not like me.

They have found something that could be just marginally off balance so it is important without worrying about it too much to have these physical health checks done from time to time. They can check things like blood pressure, red blood cells and other stuff. I have got to go back as they said they need to retest.

Sometimes meds can make you feel a bit like this too so it's difficult to distinguish if you are on meds but never just stop taking them if you're on them.

Hope this helps.

Gemma X


I suffer from this, generally with me it is caused by the Opiates I need to take, so sometimes I can suffer headaches, that last and last and last.

If you are really bad you should see the GP, they may test and put your mind at rest



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