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I Cannot Stop Worrying Over my Stomach

I have stomach anxiety. As in, since I am afraid of being sick, I constantly search out how my stomach feels. Well now, since my anxiety over it has increased, I keep thinking something is wrong if I can picture getting sick and sometimes believe to smell something gross and I get this jolt of anxiety. My stomach has not been upset and I am still eating and everything, but I cannot enjoy my food anymore. i keep thinking every twinge is something bad, though my mom and nutritionalist say there is nothing and I am improving.

Is it just my thoughts that are causing it?

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one of the things that anxiety and stress and nerves causes or can cause is an upset stomach...which could turn out to be irritable bowel syndrome IBS The stomach is very sensitive and for me its the first thing that reacts to the moment my tummy is so bloated and painfull as Im feeling anxious. But if your Mother and nutritionalist said all is ok and they obviously know u well....then all is ok. Calm down. When we suffer from Anxiety even if we dont feel anxious at the moment thoughts still run through our head at hundred miles an hour.......most of which are thoughts which we dont need to even stress over....but no, people who suffer from anxiety just keep on with what if, how come, why not, etc etc etc etc........silly arent we...lololol


My anxiety ALWAYS seemed to manifest in stomach problems ... So I totally understand. Wow, you could be me! Your anxiety over food is dominating your thoughts that is for sure. Try to refocus on the fact that others have advised you correctly. Acknowledge your own thoughts and feelings then try to put those thoughts aside and choose to believe that you are ok - which is the truth. Accept that you are ok. It took me a while to trust that I was fine but I finally did it. You can patient with yourself. Anxiety causes fear but those fears just aren't real. Hang in there and be as calm as you can. You will slowly get back some control over your fears.


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