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Anxieties, over-active thyroid and perimenopause


I'm new on this forum. I started to feel from severe anxieties suddenly in 2010 and it went from bad to worse for almost 3 years. I was actually suffering from hyperthyroidism and the anxieties were coming from this condition. I was treated and cured. I would advised everyone on this board to have their thyroid checked - a simple blood test. My GP sent me to the counselling for 3 years for nothing.

Now anxieties have come back as I'm in perimenopause. I'd like to chat with other women in perimenopause experiencing anxieties due to a lack of progesterone.

Thanks a lot!

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I have been spending the last 6 years in the perimenopause & I have really struggled

It has for me made my anxiety worse , as well as coping with mood swings , hot sweats , feeling more tired , migraines the list goes on

By having blood tests they can tell how far you are in the menopause & I have now gone pass the perimenopause yet still not feeling any different & according to my GP she says two more years & I should have gone through the menopause all together , thought 2 more :-o

Some women have no problems at all ( How I envy them ) yet others do struggle

You could ask your GP about HRT , I personally cannot take it , or there are herbal things you can try & I know my reply may be sounding negative but I have tried a few & they did not work for me personally but there has been good write up's from others that they did work for them

I think been aware that you know you are feeling the way you do as you body is going through a big change is something that when you are feeling pretty rubbish to remind yourself of & give yourself a break & a be kind to yourself to& tell yourself everything will be fine , it is nature taking it's course but you will come through it & maybe you will be all done & dusted with it all quickly rather than it drag on like mine has , as some women zoom through the menopause once it starts

Take Care x


Hello Tiger,

I'm sorry you're going through such a terrible ordeal. I'm on HRT as my cycles are 14 to 16 days long only due to the lack of progesterone - I take a progestin to increase my cycle. It works well on my anxieties but I have to stop it for 8 days every 20 days and the anxieties are terrible when I stop it. I'm French and I go directly to a gyne, not a GP. I'm 44 and he thinks I'll be menopaused when I'm 52 like my mother and grand-mother. I'm going to request the blood test you mentioned as my mother never had the problems I have. On my father's side - but my gyne tells me it doesn't matter - all women were menopaused around 47/48. I have the feeling I'm more in this case. Except the hot sweats and the migraines, I have all your symptoms and major water retention too.

Thanks a lot for your advice, it helps even if your experience is not more positive than mine. I think I would accept thinks more easily if I hadn't suffered from hyperthyroidism for 3 years with terrible symptoms and anxieties too. I'm already tired both physically and psychology by the hyperthyroidism and the one year treatment, 4 years of pain and now perimenopause. I have the feeling to be in a never-ending nightmare. I'm not the person I used to be. I'm in ruins.

Thanks a lot for sharing.

Take care too. xx


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