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Looking for advice

I have gone to hospital & my primary doc. At hospital got ekg bloodwork & xrays. Said all was well. My primary listened to heart and said based off what they did and he heard nothing was concerning to him. Even with this i still have heart attack fear. Due to my thoughts that what happened to my mom will happen to me. In not even 20 yet. No previous heart issues nor do i smoke or drink. I try to tell myself all is well and thst im young but i still panic. i was wondering if anyone knew way of changing thought process or at least controlling panic better?

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I suggest the Thrive Programme by rob Kelley. He teaches just that.


I fear the exact same about having a heart attack I'm not even 20 yet either , I keep getting palpations it's so scary I know how you feel:( just try think you ain't I know it's easier said than done x


Try getting yourself an appointment with an NHS anxiety service. Full listing here; They treat depression and anxiety and will help you find the triggers for your condition and do something about them.

I'm not sure if the services list is up to date and there will be lengthy waiting list in many areas. For some you can refer yourself by contacting them directly. Others require referral from GP so talk to your GP again if you need to. Sounds like healthy anxiety, which is a known condition.

Push your GP to get you access to a talking therapy. They should offer therapy and not just drugs (guidance from NICE says so).

There is also helpline support from Anxiety UK, either on the phone or via email or in livechat with a trained volunteer. See

Other potentially useful helplines may be found at

Don't be shy of asking- these services are there for you.


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