Anyone had blood test come back with high Eosinophil

Hi just wondering if anyone could help, had bloods taken in November 2014 (think I was getting headaches and blurred vision) and it had came back that my Eosinophil was 0.54 and highlighted red the doc says this is high, and it's an allergic reaction to something. I had changed my wahing powder but since finding out ive changed back to my original non bio fairy. And the problem is still there I cannot think of what else it could be. I've asked for allergy tests but they said no and have me histamine tablets for the itchiness. I get a red rash like little lines when ive had a bath too. I've done the wrong thing by reading on Google about this test and seen it could be leukaemia now it's getting me down. I'm scarred to go no to docs as I have anxiety and I don't feel like they take me seriously and put everything down to my anxiety/stress. My skin is itchy no rash apart from when I bath, it also feels dry. I've been using oil like cream in a tub, it's not doing anything. Has anyone had a blood test come back for Eosinophil been high?




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