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is this my heart

I recently put a post and it was deleted?


female 32



blood pressure 95/60

pulse 77

workout 6 days a week

weight training hiit and cardio

5am workout for 45 minutes

breakfast coffee

one apple

lunch is another apple with peanut butter

dinner salad with whatever protein i have made

chest pressure

ears ringing

jaw feels uneasy

headaches at base of neck and tension


ekg stress test- normal

echo- normal

mri of brain-normal

c5-c7 compressed cervical spine

frustrated. scared i have a blockage but doctor says cholesterol is fine

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Sorry your last post went missing but this one seems to have posted ok :-)

Have you asked the doctor for help with anxiety ?

There are lots of different communities on Health Unlocked that as well as people on here been able to help you with your anxiety the other communities may be able to help you with some of your other concerns you have , have a look in the directory & browse what there is as you can be a member on as many communities as you like

Take Care x


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