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Anxiety thoughts and physical symptoms

When people are worried somthing is going to Happen or have a feeling of impending doom, is the anxiety causing you physical symptoms that cause you to think somthing is going to happen. That's what happens to me, the anxiety gives me physical symptoms that make Me go nuts then my mind throw s it way out of proportion and I think im going to die or somthing. Anyone else?

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For me it feels like a circle I stress stress causes physical symptoms and thus more stress :(

The only get away is spending time with loved ones


Hey my name is aleisha 21 i think its anxiety lovley I get that all the time its horrible its the thoughts of the feelings and the feelings of the thought wired how that gose but its true I get physical feeling then the anxiety over it then makes that in to worrie and panic attacks so what ya feeling is normal hope that help :)


All the time its exhausting x


Thats exactly it. Its a vicious circle. Like when you have an exam - you get butterflies. You have to shut your mind off to the anxious feelings (easier said than done!). Relaxation / deep breathing helps


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