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Stress and Colds

This day has been so stressful. I am going on two hours of sleep, fighting a bad cold, and had a fight with both my parents. Is this just a cold? I do not have a fever but my throat is scratchy, I feel rundown, and uneasy from phlegm.

And the uneasiness makes me jump up and look for something to take! I feel really weird and distant and scared of getting sick. My focus is gone and the pit of my stomach feels icky. My nose is also running. Is this something bad? I feel like there is something really wrong. Sure, my mom and brother both had this but I feel like mine is worse! I cannot relax. I feel really trapped in my own body, like I cannot escape fron my problems. Does this soubd like a regular cold? Can anxiety enhance cold symptoms or the other way around?

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Now u won't believe it... I have exactly the same symptoms. In fact I thought I had a lump on the very back of my tongue at beginning of throat and rushed to the doctors thinking I had cancer of the throat. Thankfully I'm an expat living in Thailand so only had to pay $100 for a camera to go down my nose to check my throat and beyond...no cancer, nothing. But a bit of bronchitis which usually brings on an enormous amount of phlegm. Having that nasty phlegm can make u feel quite sick. There is not much u can do about it except rest, hot soups, heaps of water and that's about it. If it's bacterial yes anti biotics help. If it's viral antibiotics do zero. Just time. Don't worry... Lololol Get better quickly . Though to be honest I've had the bronchitis for a month now... Stopping to smoke on Monday... After zillions of years. Lololol and yes, anxiety can make anything worse so relax. Xxxxx


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