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I know I keep posting but I litterly feel like I'm going to die


I feel so weird all my shoulders chest is stabbing Im like forcing myself to breath my heart feels like it's slowing down I keep catching my breath I'm feeling really hot Inside but I'm not outside. What if this is a bloodclot travelling to my heart I'm scared someone help me please before its to late

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Please take s moment and breath , stand up arms by your side and slowly breath in for 7 and breath out slowly to count of 11. Repeat until you fell calm .

Promise me you will go see your go this week x

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I have gone really pale and Im getting stabbing pains in my chest and shoulders I feel like I have to force myself to breath. Can it be all the tablets I'm on I take 2pronaolol and 1 anti depressant and I'm On a course of antibiotics I'm scared I feel like I'm going to die I have this dread feeling over me it come out of no where

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I think you are having a panic attack you really need to calm down the propanol is a beta blocker and meant to help ease physical pain and slow heart rate down.

Just please get comfy relax and breathe have a glass of water and step away from phone and concentrate on breathing clearing your head honey x

Am I going to die. Please help me. Why is my whole body burning up inside but it's normal in the outside. I feel really weird like never felt like this before. What if I'm actually dying. Why am I pale

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Dull palor is often due to fear. You are freaking yourself out. Ever readin a book to where the "character goes pale?" Same thing. Message me. I can tell you about my past symptoms and current symptoms and what I knowof othersymptoms


I think you should go to your hospital between all yours meds and what you are feeling they can at least safely under their watchful eye give you something to calm down since obviously your current med is not helping.

You are hyperventalating it will cause your chest to hurt, that burning feeling you are getting, and it makes me gag and cough.

Please try to drink cold water it's known to help racing heart from anxiety and relief any thing you are feeling in your throat chest.

Morning how are this morning ? Dos you manage o calm down and get some sleep ? I think after last night you really need to go back to your GP and get medication adjusted an some cbt or psychotherapy organised to help you .

I feel bad today my hearts racing for no reason does anyone get this. I feel sick and I'm burning up. I'm scared I'm going to go into cardiac arrested. I don't want to go doctor he's probs fed up with me.i can't adjust my medication I'm on the highest dose of my anti depressants 45mg x

Hi all, this is my first post/reply and i was drawn to you as it must be so scary for you right now and i myself have been there and experienced your suffering. I have spent 6 years with Anxiety and honestly its been hell! If you let it this condition will rule your life please don't allow that. I can say i have lerned to control my anxiety now and i see finally there is hope you have just got to change your thought process in order to beat this. My last bout of extreme anxiety started about a year ago and i went through months of hell again!! This time though i developed a fear of taking tablets and not having that control, so i seaked alternative therapies CBT and trust me when i say it has worked. you have to put in extremely hard work and determination but you can beat this.

Anxiety and its monstorous symptoms are produced by adrenalin thats produced by fear.

My heart used to beat so fast every day, causing me to feel dizzy a lot and sick, i get headaches, wobbly legs, lump in my throat, tingly hand and feet, palpitations, the feeling that i have to remind myself the even breath. Only on true acceptance that theses symptoms are just that produced by your adrenalin that in time you will start to feel better.

I tell myself now that NO ONE has ever killed over and died from anxiety, that there will be no more symptoms other than those that i am experiencing.

When you feel all light headed and your heart is pounding so fast that you feel like your going to pass out and die, the adrenalin that you are producing in this panic state will not allow you to pass out.

The chest pains that you get soon after where you feel like your having a heart attack on top of feeling lightheaded and dizzy you start to feel that this is it your going to die anytime soon but eventually it passes it always does.

The anxiety is then caused by fear of further attacks and that's where you need to change your thought process.

Tell your self that you made it through that attack and will make it through the next should it appear

Tell yourself you did not die from last weeks or the other days attack and you will not die from this one

Do your breathing 7 in, 11 out or i do 4 in and 8 out as i can not manage more. either way this will flick the switch to your rational side of the brain

Try righting down your thought process prior to what sets off your anxiety because in order to beat anxiety you need to find out whats causing it and deal with these thing first

And try mindfull ness meditation its a god send. For those 30 minutes you really get to feel and understand your physical symptoms and quickly realise that after all they are not that bad.

Sorry its so long i could write all day bout anxiety as it been a huge part of my life for so long but honestly i can say that every day i am getting so much stronger just by following these tools given to me from my CBT THERAPIST. please stay positive

Smile every day and say good by to anxiety forever x

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Yoir reply is so nice. Pleaae message me if you can as I suffer bad right now

You need to find out if you can take that antibiotic you are taking them for a reason thats why you may be pale, I just got over the flu and 6 weeks of bronchitis I was pale to, took 3 different antibiotics to kill the bronchitis finally. Ive taken some antibiotics that make me feel odd. Any drug can, you can even become allergic to a drug you have taken before--- get advice from a DR.

It sounds like panic, Ive had them all my life and im 56. You find ways to live with them and around them. Your concetrating on the symptoms and not the causes. Get references from your doctor for counseling or further treatment, Ive had the same Dr for 31 years, hes still sane...i think.... ...

Your not the only one I'm only 11 and I fell I'm gonna die . My mum says I'm over reacting but am I really like mum said this "would you like me to take you to the hospital " but I don't want to because it scares me . My friend said she had a dream About me dying in the hospital and is scares me to go to sleep because I fell I'm gonna go way worse then sleep. I need help I was born 2006 and right know it's 2017

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