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Feeling down

I know this sounds mad. But a couple months ago I dreamt a friend died and litterly the next month he did die he drowned in a lake :( was the worst feeling ever when I got the call. All I can think of was him struggle with taking he's last breath and he's friends said he was screaming help me I can't breath and it breaks my heart he was only 16 was like a little brother to me. It's so upsetting .. I keep having dreams I'm dying I don't know if this is because I think I'm dying all the time or it's going to come true. My anxiety is so bad and I really duno how to shake it of no matter what it's so horrible and I feel so sorry for everyone on this site that goes through it I wouldn't wish it on anyone:(

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So sorry to hear of your tragic loss of your friend . I feel the best advice would to be contact a bereavement support advisor. They are usually all free and can help you deal with your grief. As for dreaming of dying try Googling interpret my dreams. Often with anxiety comes the fear of death and morbid thoughts which in your case have multiplied. You could even ask your Gp for CBTwhich will help with anxiety and bereavement. Good luck x


I agree, get bereavement support, your grief is making your own anxiety worse.



I'm so sorry dear. That is horrible! It really sounds like to me that this could be the reason you have developed anxiety....especially after seeing you last several posts, it really is similar to this you just described. You're not mad. Things like this happen, and it just really shook your world from the sounds of it. Find someone to talk to like a counselor or someone at church, if you can. I think once you can come to terms and peace with that horrible incident, you will overcome the anxiety. I think with most of us, our anxiety comes from a bad experience in the past.


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