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Any one help me any one gets this what asking please . Shakes .. feel confused at tines ... head sort tight .. dizzy .. feel not with family ( not sure say like being spaced from reality worryin me only one feel like this xx do any one get affects eyes maybe cos feel dizzy not sure jill scaring feeling but sed had go camara fri got so so bad before week I went now feel like this xxx :) hope is just anixery think I'm going lose my mind not sure can o can't had stop Internet as making worse ....

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Big breath what you are describing I anciety and I get those symptoms they are awful.

Like you I stupidly feed the anxiety by ' googling' and driving me crazy an scared.

I'm great at giving advice j only wish I could be as good listening lol. Create a safe place where you can go and find calm relax , breath , listen to music or get fresh air something to distract you while you go through the physical symptoms anxiety.

Have you spoke to your GP ? You reat should even if it's to ask for counselling and also keep a journal to help you find a pattern of triggers of to look at so you know you got through it and next time it won't be as scary

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Thanks replying x yes scracing hate it .. can't take pills anixerty cuts in make worse end hospital xx so got find a way cope other ways body just so worn out had lot lot worry to xx thanks again hun xx


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