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Childhood trauma & ageing

Iv`e been reading quite a bout how childhood trauma & bullying can accelerate ageing, & this scares the life out of me because I had a terrible childhood. My father was in the navy, & my mother insisted that we went with him wherever he was posted. The result of this was that I was constantly being uprooted & had to keep changing schools. I fell behind other kids my age as a result, & was bullied for being stupid & never fitted in. I thought that all that was behind me now, but it seems that my parents cruelty indifference to my welfare could cause me to die earlier than I would have done. Is there a way that the damage could be reversed?

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I think sometimes what we read are just people's opinions after they have been doing some research , like you say its says " Could " so that by know means in my opinion means it will

I would try not to worry & get on with your life as you " Could " live to a ripe old age :-) x

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Hun all these researches scientists have made about life expectancy are not that wise to be honest it just scares people.

I've known people with bad childhoods(really bad) and managed to reach their 80s.

With a bunch of other researches I've read about from drinking tap water to the lotions we use or the skillets/pots and pans we cook from. All those things add up in their studies and If you average out the age of probable death do to all those things we shouldn't be doing its in the 40s

irs been proven that staying positive after a traumatic event can help you recover from it. Cause when we worry it does take a toll on the body.

So try to keep calm and enjoy life.

Sure we are still going to have moments of anxiety and what not but we will over come it mind over matter :)


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