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So i just eant to twll all my anxiety buddies thank you for praying for me and thinking of me.. i got my MRI of brain reaults back with and without. Came back clear. My nuero doctor says just like my internal doctor that she generally cares but thinks im going to get in the wtong persona hands and they are going to mess mw up. She said stay on anxiety meds and anti depressant. Its not somwthing i want to be on but until i can calm down i need it. Im so glad i found this community. Until i found yall i never beleived in anxiety causing physical symptoms. .:)

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I am so pleased your results came back clear , I hope you have peace of mind now & can start dealing with your anxiety knowing you are physically well :-) x

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That's great news that it's all cleared


Yay!! Great to hear that you came back clear!! And it well definitely help you out if you stay on them and if you go to therapy it well help even more :)

And once you feel like you can do it on your own you can come off the meds.

Hope things get better for you


Thank you so much guys. When no one understands true anxiety..i know everyone on this thread does and it feels good To have people to talk to!!

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