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Someone help

Right I know I'm going to sound stupid but I'm freaking out right now Iv had a headache for days I banged my head not even hard atall .. I googled about a bleed to the brain and it said pain behind eyes and dilated eyes which I have :(!!! I haven't got no other symtoms .. I just duno what to do beause I don't want to ring an ambulance and sound so stupid but then I don't want to leave it to late incase I have and I die :((((.. My mum and auntie think I'm being so stupid and they said I haven't got a bleed to the brain I would be sick and wouldn't be able to walk! I'm so scared could it be the tabelts I'm on causing headaches?? What is this :(

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Anxiety. It can cause tension headaches, achy eyes, and Im sure the dilated pupils are the flight response because you are afraid. You WOULD know if there was bleeding. You wouldnt be able to walk, your speech would be slurred, and you probably wouldnt stay conscious. You are fine.

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Anxiety especially since you've had it for days can cause headaches, dilated pupil. Have you taken you anxiety pill?

Try to calm down with the breathing techniques I told you about.

Try to lay down your facts.

You already had a headache and an additional bump (even if it's small ) will make your headache worse.


I,m so sorry...and feel for you as it sounds as though he you are suffering from severe anxiety.

Health anxiety is the most common post on this site and it covers every subject.

In nearly all cases anxiety is the is the subject it has chosen....sadly not many people understand this.

You must visit your doctor. Do what he advises....and talk about it....preferably to someone who understands anxiety. Take care...


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