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I have had periods of anxiety throughout my life although when I was younger I was unable to define my feelings as anxiety - I just thought I was going mad. Despite having come through them all when I get another episode I am just unable to think that I am ever going to get back to 'normal' again. I had a period of great stress last year and I think the anxiety I am feeling now is as a result of this. I feel like I don't exist that all around me is strange - I find it difficult to concentrate on the TV as I think it might not exist or I feel that the people I'm watching on the TV might be feeling like me so that just exacerbates my fears of going mad. As I go through the motions of daily living - having a bath - shopping - making a meal - I'm not sure it is me that it is really doing it but something at the back of my mind must be sane as otherwise I wouldn't even go through the motions. My appetite has gone. Up until a couple of weeks ago I was running most days but I'm not doing that at the moment as I feel I can't. To be frank - I think I was overdoing the running to get over the stress that happened last year. I retired from work last year and keep myself busy with an allotment and a lot of voluntary work - but this anxiety is making me think of just throwing in the towel. I have read a lot of the posts on this site and I can relate to all the things that people have said about anxiety. I suppose the reason I've written this post is just so someone can reassure me in some way. When my best friend died almost 20 years ago - I was prescribed and anti-depressant by my GP - and I have been on it more or less ever since - I came off it a couple of times but had to go back on after some stressful event in my life. When I retired I felt really great and with the help of my GP came off the antidepressant and have been OK for the past 12 months. However, I have had to go back to my GP and I have been taking the medication now for the last 1O days - so I don't think it has had time to kick in yet. Just need some help in getting through the next couple of weeks. Thanks for reading.

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Hi could you be dealing with a reaction to trauma? Anxiety can be one of the symptoms. If you have past experiences with trauma and then go through a great amount of stress you can become triggered? Have you ever tried to get therapy for the anxiety? I hope the medication kicks in and helps to you to feel better soon.


My hope for you is that you begin to feel more normal and better soon. You are doing the right thing by living - doing your normal routines as much as you can. I was told once "fake it until you make it" and "a yard is too hard but an inch is a cinch" - I lived by those two phrases for quite some time. I remember HOPING that things would turn around and become more normal. And they did. Time, patience, talking to someone, movement (I am not a runner but walking became meditation (almost) for me, your instincts keep you going. The human body does not give up easily - it just isn't made to do that. So please, hang in there. Wishing you peace and wellness ...


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