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I have had aniexty now for 13 years...I take oxyzapam when needed...but lately I find right in the middle of stomach above my belly button feels like its full all the time and crampy. It doesnt hurt to press on it really but im wondering if it could be nerves or a nervous stomach...does anyone else get that...I have a doctors app on jan 29 just to ask him...Im also wondering if it could be gas but sometimes if I dont have gas I still feel that feeling

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I don't know what's causing it and, no, I haven't experienced it but it could just be the dreaded Anxiety Imp, the one that goes away and you think it's forgotten about you but then it suddenly remembers you and comes back to annoy and taunt in some new way that it hasn't tried before.

You've got the doctor's appointment lined up so you're doing the right thing - Hope the doc is able to reassure you and stamp the Anxiety Imp down once more.


Since your appointment is right around the corner I hope it's just anxiety anxiety can cause a lot of digestive problems I've had them before an I hate when I have stomach issues they worry u a lot.


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