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Anyone feel spacey?

I take it that feeling spacey is normal with anxiety? I just feel really far away. I also ran out of contacts, so I can't see very clearly which makes the world seem even further away. This only started after a lot of anxiety. Oh, and Iwas oncbirth control for a week but went off it when I found out that it great

Y increases your risk of getting cancers. I am not scared of cancer or anything, I just decided that it wasn't worth it. It was funny though, because when I heard that, I didn't even panic. I mean I was completely calm, haha. So maybe the spaceyness is from either that or being on my period, if not anxiety? I know my sister used to feel spacey when she was on her period. Not anymore, though.

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I in the past have had this with anxiety. I hope you're feeling better.


this feeling of being really out o yourself is really scary apparently lots o people suffer with it im an old woman but have had this before but it reall freaks you out molly


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