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THANK YOU so very much !!

I want to thank EVERYONE who took the time to write me wise and caring responses

concerning my problem coping with my husband's death two years ago.

This place is filled with wonderful, supportive people.

If I can ever help any of those who sent me this incredible support, please let me know.

I would LOVE to help you and try to give you comfort. God bless you all.



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Hello Elizabeth

It is always nice to say Thank You , they are just two little words that don't cost anything but can mean a lot to someone , so a very nice post to read that you feel members have helped you in a small way in feeling not alone with how you feel

Take Care x


Hi Annie,

There are some lovely people on here going through a mixture of problems and life events.

I am glad you have posted, and hope you are coping well at the moment.

What is the weather like where you live, it is here in the Manchester area, foggy, cold and a little snow on the ground.xx



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