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Scarring myself

Earlier today I had a coughing fit that made me gag, what then happened was I burped and coughed at the same time my throat vibrated pretty bad. Since then my voice had changed and people around me are telling me it's that with the coughing I irratated my throat and that that's caused my voice to change. I ve been fearing I have tumors in there and that with the coughing fit I caused something to move and my air way will be blocked :(

All this sounds silly I know but it's the way my health anxiety morphs everything into something dangerous.

I was doing well and now I'm hitting the ways of anxiety again.

Has anyone ever felt that? A coughing fit and happpened to burp at the same time?

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I'm sorry that you are going through this. It's happened to me before and the anxiety only adds fuel to the fire. Relax, drink some warm green tea and breathe. The irritation comes from the coughing the anxiety is a trick from satan. You'll be just fine! Best wishes to you my friend!!

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Do you remember my posts early on about my throat/breathing issues? I understand! Yep, I've coughed and burped at the same time & the irritation can affect your voice. I feared tumors in my throat as well but it eventually cleared up. (It does still get dry & hurts here & there after I get stressed) Like you said, you know it's just your health anxiety amping up. I have the same issue so I can totally relate! Sometimes it doesn't take much for the annoying health anxiety to amp up! Try to let it go girl...I know it's hard but it's just the bullying anxiety. :)


Hi Misty,

Yes I do remember :)

I was just spooked because they happened at the same time.

I felt better today but I feel like I can't catch my breath at times I'm still trying to get over the cold and i think it's just that it you know how it is.

How have you been?




I think so too. :) I hate that "can't catch your breath" feeling! Ugh! Your cold will be amping that feeling up because your health anxiety may be blowing up the cold. I'm glad you're doing better today! It's been rough for me still but I'm thankful God has given me another day and hasn't lost patience with me yet. :) My tongue has been burning today so I guess that's the menu for today's daily Hypochondriac haha. ;)


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