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Hello, I am new and hope I can get some help here. I started my issues back in Nov and have been struggling since, I get thoughts that are scary and ones I would never act on but then it seems me into panic and anxiety attacks, or I will start feeling like a attacking is coming and then the thoughts pop up and here we go. I am seeing help but sometimes it is not enough. I am a 38 year old male.


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  • Classic signs of Anxiety. First thing get a medical diagnosis. I know it sounds hard but try not to fight the attacks. Use deep breathing techniques and try and relax your body. I am getting through my attack and feeling a bit better everyday. Make sure people around you are aware and get support. You will get there and your not alone. Keep posting it helps

  • hi finfan sorry to see your a

    having so many problems ! i can relate to them i myself have had anxiety and depression for several years made worse by a brain bleed i had 2 years ago ! the scary thoughts can be really scary i get tgem all the time i try to think of something nice to combat them it doesnt all ways work ! have you tried to seek help from your doctor dont be embarrised as anxiety is relatively common and treatable ! take care and good luck david !

  • You are not your thoughts.....

    We panick when we engage and take on board our negative thoughts.....they are only thoughts

    See it as you are standing on a railway platform and a negative thought train comes in, just don,t get on it, just laugh and say sorry I,m waiting on a positive train......ignore your negative thoughts it is just the way you feel at will always pass..

  • Hey. Panic and anxiety are hellish know. I get them all the time. I don't fight it. I acknowledge it, and try to n other things as I let the anxiety take its course. Also, a good breathing techniques also does help. Practise it daily even when not anxious because you need to regulate your breathing until it comes naturally.

    I strongly urge people with anxiety to get their hands on a book by Dr Claire Weeks, 'Self Help for Your Nerves'. It's an oldish book, but in all honesty, it's fantastic. Follow her instructions and you won't go wrong. Best wishes.

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