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sudden anxiety

Was just setting up a new television and came all over weird, i thought it might be the tv but i have moved away from that now and still been getting these sort of panic attacks, a little short of breathe and light headed and confused, never had anything like this before, not sure if it is anxiety or something else.

Been a good 4 hours now since the first one, and they still keep coming, never had anything like this, i just have to keep moving about, and going out for some fresh air, its like my brain is over loaded, yet i shouldn't really have anything to worry about, my life isn't that complicated.

Not sure what to do really is it something a doctor can sort out or do you just plod on with it until it stops or gets easier to deal with.

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Sometimes that is when it hits its hardest, when you are relaxed and don't feel like you have any anxiety. When that happens I sometimes just sit down and let them happen. Mine feel like hot flashes start at the top of my head like my blood is hot and rushes through my body. I think it is an adrenalin Rush. Try breathing exercises and don't fight them. It can make it worse. Good luck.


Could you have been behind the tv in a bad position with your neck taking the strain.

Possibly give yourself a break for a time. Sometimes when we lower the head and the neck is taking the strain the blood flow will make you dizzy and light headed as you have starved the brain for a time.

All will sort out if you just relax in a comfy chair for a while ask your other half for a cup of tea.



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