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Hi to my friends , if any of you still up at this hour , had a funny day stayed on my pj's all day feel.a little low possibly rundown & lightheaded almost drunk , nit that I drink ha tingly arms legs sicky feEling , not sure if want to stand on my head or run a marathon ?? , should make am horlicks really suppose it's not like me well the me over last few months it just took the least bit if stress over Christmas with extra hours at work , then suddenly I feel all over the place , I will ring the doctors Monday morn could have ear infection my ears neck ache great start to January :-( a lot going about at the moment , im.at eork tomo really hope feel ok , im usually at work I'm ok makes me think it's amxiety eorking its way back how are all of you ?? Binkynoo x


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  • Hi there. i've had a few bad days over the festive season. So stressful. Was so dizzy and off-balance at one point I couldn't take my dogs out for a walk. I'm in a more positive frame of mind now and hoping to accept the way I am but carry on doing the things I used to enjoy. I think my dizziness comes from severe neck/shoulder tension. Also aware that I clench my jaw/face muscles. Here's to a new start to the year!!

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