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Anxiety keeping me awake?

So bout 2 days ago at 6am I has this Minnie anxiety attack but since then I've struggled sleeping seems like when I try to fall asleep I feel really dizzy and feel like I'm going to have an anxiety attack but when I open my eyes it stops abit more, I've currently suffered from anxiety for nearly 4 years I'm on medication I did feel a lot till the other night, now just feel worse again like iv jus started taking my meds, don't what to do to be honest.

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I'm in exactly the same boat mate. Im wide awake now at 05:45 :(. I feel the same symptoms as you do too. I've just got my earphones in and just looking through relaxing sounds on YouTube mightvbe worth a try for your self mate.


ile try that see if it helps. Cheers mate

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