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Well fed up trying cope now since xmas day had pain my back legs pon neddles numbness .. went doc up hospital Sunday waste time ..went my own doc .. didn't seem want to now ... to day been back 111 seen lovly lady doc she thinks stcata back my legs xx plus pain belly cos whliye cells in my water so on pools that ... going take 6 weeks stcata to go can't drive do nothing much gard cope this feeling leg foot etc what great new yr xx feeling sick to high anixerty worrying mind all over place xx Happy new yr from me :)

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This is such an awful thing bless you

I feel your pain the docs seem to fob you off unless you have a limb falling off.

Im struggling myself with loads of symtoms and no reason to have them

Do you have a urine infection as I know that can have some crazy and weird side effects.

My nan was seeing things that wasn't even there. After meds she was fine.

I hope you're feeling more yourself soon.

Happy New Year


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Hi hun got staicta in legs and back .. yes hun bit blood but most was see white blood cells .. so yes infection pain my my poor belly zx yes hun got antboic pulls take started today so hopeful soo start clear up new had weeing so much yes my mum was like that seeing things wasn't there she had one funny what water infection do to you xxxxx :)


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