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anxiety got me sent to the hospital

So yesterday i went to the hospital because i lost control on my way their i managed to stop the attack and it was gone. Now after i went to go see my counselor. He mentioned that it was good that i did that so i would learn what happens he also said something very important i wanted to share with you all who suffer from anxiety have them pills to help you relax. He said at any moment you start to feel it coming before anything before continuing your day drink your pill it will prevent it from happening and youll go through your day just fine. Know your not alone guys we never are. I pray for all of u as well as for myself dont be afraid to live life be afriad of an unlived life. Take care wish yall the best. happy new year's

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Hi now wgat like lose contol anixerty had bad one last night wanted go get help .. but end hubby calmed me down .. its awful think anixerty as will contol us if let it but been he'll back my self .lot worry but want wish u happy new year xx :)


Happy New Years never give up we can only get better and after one attack we get more stronger its like the saying goes that what doesn't kill u makes u stronger.

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