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So I was having a tough time shopping and trying to not pass out bwcause I feel dizzy when standing up. Anyway I had a couple of glasses of wine tonight and my head atill hurt a little but I was in the kitchen cooking and really just talking and crying a bit wondering why this is going on but physically wasnt bothered by it. That was until it wore off. Is this anxiety aounding or does alcohol tend to make real symptoms go away?

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Alcohol relaxes muscles and will give you a slight high till it wears off. If your on medication best not to over do it too much


Your mind was a bit numb from the wine so your not as aware of your pains and aches

But watch out because it can also make your anxiety worse.


Alcohol will not solve your anxiety.

Trust me, I tried to make it do so for 5 years. It only makes things worse.


I drink occasionally but since I got anxiety I really don't enjoy drinking because of the way it makes me feel. It also makes your anxiety worst and when you drunk you are not 100 % in control of yourself . Trust me is not worth it .


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