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You can feel worse when not anxious

All right, so I have been calmer for the past two weeks, not panicking, not focusing on my feelings, doing things I like. And then I started to feel run down, like my body just kind of drooped. A part of me keeps thinking it is serious, but then another part of me keeps saying that this is the result of adrenaline leaving the system so my body is on a crash. I have been in panic mode for like, over a month and I mean, not going out much, not doing much, and thinking, thinking, thinking. Well, I've been getting my thoughts more under control, going out, able to deal with public anxiety and not freak out. My brother is an RN, mom raised by doctors, and my dad pretty educated in vitamins. My brother says nothing is wrong with me and my mom says the same thing. Like last night, at around 8 I started feeling like, lousy. Tired, drained, icky. My sleeping was bad as well and I jolted awake in a sweat because my mother had turned the heater on and my room has the tendency to bake.

Anyway! I have had coaches tell me that you feel worse when coming off adrenaline. What I'm feeling now is like, weak body (not all the time) like I've been clenching everything and am now just relaxing them so you have that ache, tired but not ridiculously tired, that stomach thing still occasionally, but I noticed it literally went away the day after I stopped worrying about it. Now I feel it occasionally, and my mom keeps saying that that is definitely anxiety. It's the worst at like 8-10 and then lightens up and it literally FEELS like my body had a crash. Does that sound possible?

I can describe the feelings as grimy, icky, and and I dunno, how I'd imagine a hangover to be? It usually hits when I am at home, sitting in a chair. It is NOT there when I am out in the world.

And yesterday, I was highly anxious at my hormone appointment, like every sound made me jerk around. It is now almost five and am starting to feel that plowed feeling and again, I am sitting on the couch, dreading feeling that way, dreading eight o clock.

Can anxiety, or stess, cause this?

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