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Completely exhausted

I hope everybody had a nice christmas , I wondered if anybody can help me , for the last few weeks I have been feeling totally exhausted , when I walk or stand up or try to do anything it's like a sinking feeling of total tiredness , I woke up at 4 o'clock and made myself a hot drink and went back to bed it took ages to get to sleep and had a couple of hours but still feel the some . No energy cry because of how I feel . I think about things I shouldn't but I can't help it like my younger sister who died 5 years ago due to a hospital blunder, she was 52 and was so diffrent from me, she loved life and wasn't plaques with this anxiety that I have had for ever!!inhave been working nostop over christmas with dinners and stuff, and seen my grandaughter, but nothing seems to shift this total feeling of exshaustion, I am getting to the stage where I want to give up and just sit here all day,because of iti haven't been to church for months , and going out I have to keep leaning on things, I have a. Appointment to see a doctor next week at the hospital I don't even know how I am going to get there,when I fist got ill through overload 20 years goo I am sure I couldn't move off the chair, and I am wondering if the illness is back again. Or just a setback, I have had a lot of stress over the last few months.any advice or information would help my blood tests have allways been normal, I keep thinking about self medicating with b12 or iron anything to make me feel better. Thankyou.

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I have been feeling drained myself. For me it was a relationship breAkup where kids are involved, no energy to do anything. But things are improving.

I'm no expert but I think if it like a car. If the battery is drained (brain) then the car (body) cannot move. I have been suffering from depression for a few years and when that gets bad it can be debilitating.

You have suffered losses that will drain most people and you need to look after yourself. I have a book on spirituality that I read if I wake in the middle of the night. The book is alongside my bed ready for action. But at the moment I am sleeping 10 hours a day.

Keep writing here - people will listen.


I was thinking you might be low in iron, or if your somewhat depressed that would make you tired.


I've had something similar in the last two month. It alarmed me because I thought there was something seriously wrong with me for sure. And it caused me to panic because I felt like I wasn't in control of my body. Blood work came back normal too except that my CO2 was low which showed I have been slowly hyperventilating. With anxiety, most of us don't realize we overbreathe and that can cause a slew of symptoms including this extreme exhaustion. Once the doctor told me I was okay, my energy began to come back because I felt I was going to be okay. Rather ironic, huh? All the stress you've had and have probably been focusing on is weighing heavy on you. It's time to let that go! Just let it go and move on! Get your mind off the past and look to the future. So many of us get stuck in the past and I'm guilty of that as well. :)


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