I'm going on 3 years dealing with this horrible disorder. I'm just so over it. Who knows if I'll be able to feel like myself once again. I just try to take it on day at a time. I feel like I have phases, like if it was a cycle. Lately, it's been overwhelming because I'm convinced that something sever is wrong with me. My thoughts are out of control. One day I feel like I have skin cancer, another day I have breast cancer and today I have something wrong with my kidney. I keep trying to change my thought into positive ones, by telling myself it's all in my head. Can anyone relate?


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  • Hello , I can relate so much, I am similar although I only think I have neuro conditions or diseases like ms but I have really good days then awful days were the anxiety just takes over its horrible, I have been referred for high intense CBT so hoping it will help change the way I think x

  • I can relate to u. I feel like this everyday x

  • We're in the same boat! Last week it was pancreas cancer and this week im sure will be something similar since im constantly having stomach/back pain. Ive been dealing with this anxiety for almost a year now and its mentally and physically draining. I hope you find a peace of mind soon!

  • I can totally relate been dealing with it over 25 years. I have been working on it since I got my diagnosis 15yrs ago. I went through a lot and finally saw a Dr and he prescribed zoloft . I started to feel better fit for quite awhile. Then difficult and stressful things started and I felt all messed up again. Tried more medication, therapy, support groups, yoga, meditation and even hypnosis. I still have my good and bad days but always looking for new ways of coping. It sure is possible and that's what I hope for all of us in the same boat. Being sick always intensifies my anxiety so try to get as much rest as possible and remember you are stronger then you know.

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