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off topic but how much should i weigh?

this has nothing to do with anxiety but im not sure what topic this falls into but I had scoliosis surgery when i was in 6th grade and i am now a junior in high school and my doctor told me recently that Im 4'8 and will never get any taller so right now Im 81 pounds and I don't know how much I should weigh Im 16 and 4'8 So how much should I weigh and how do i get to that weight?

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Well, that is definitely NOT an unhealthy over amount of weight. To gain weight, you usually just need to eat right. There's no exact weight anyone should weigh, as we are all different. Just eat full meals, snacks, vegetables, get exercise, and drink a good amount of water.


Thank you for replying so fast c: and I've been trying to get to 85 but I am still having a hard time getting there and i do eat right but I guess I just need to keep trying . I hope Im not anorexic right now with me being only 81 :/ It usually goes up to 83 though


Well, I wouldn't stress over it. Stress can actually cause weight loss, so i bet it is possible for it to be more difficult gaining weight when stressed opposed to not being stressed.


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