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Detached/spacey feeling

I suffer from anxiety and depression and although most of my symptoms are 'bearable'; I'm finding the detached/spaced one, very difficult to deal with. This feeling is not too pronounced, although its intensity does fluctuate throughout periods of the day and depending on my overall mood. I also have the feeling as though I'm just a pair of eyes floating around infant of my body.

Is anyone else going through this very annoying symptom?

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Called Depersonalization. Yes I have it and have had it since my first panic attack, but you get rid of it by not focusing on it and keeping active, which I haven't been doing and is why it is still lingering with me. It's not dangerous.

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I definitely identify with this.

I am talking to a counsellor, pretty intensively to get to where I need to get to.

It passes - I have had this before and I got through it then.


Yes, I'm having these exact symptoms, right now! I hate it. It scares me so much!


Yes I have had this. It will pass. The best thing to do is try to not focus on it. Tell yourself this is just anxiety. I feel spaced out but I am safe and I can still do what I need to do even when I feel like this. Try to distract your mind with something positive and relax your body. For me it happens when I get really overwhelmed by something stressful. I think it's a way of our brain taking a time out when there is too much stress. It is really freaky and can scare you I know that. It's the one symptom I would like to never feel again but it's a normal part of anxiety.

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