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Stomach ackes

For the last 3 weeks I have had a little sore spot under my left rib on the tip of it but when I touch the right side of my rib it feels the same way....but now I feel something in the middle of my stomach it feels like nerves and sometimes its upset but more like crampy hard to explain...I went to the doctor for something and had mentioned it to him but when he pressed on my stomach nothing hurt he told me to come back if it bothers me...kinda feels like gas not sure.....anyone else have this feeling

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Hi sherri :-) can't say I've had that exact thing but I do tend to have a lot of stomach problems. A lot of burning stomach and stomach aches. Could be gas but could just be the stress of anxiety making your stomach all tied up in knots feeling. Hope you feel better soon


I feel it could be gas but u have a doc app for jan 29


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