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Someone help me :(

So tired of this now :(. Everyday I think I'm going to die and I can't breathe properly I'm on medication anti depressants called mirtizapine and propranolol nothing seems to be working. I just sit in my room all the time because it's my comfort zone. Yesterday I went to London for the day to try get out then out of no where I thought I couldn't breathe and I was about to die so the ambulance had to come. I'm so sick of feeling like this just want me life back I'm only 19 and everyday I live in fear. Nothing seems to help does anyone know what I can do :(

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Sweetie, I understand. Have struggled with it a lot! Since I was 14 and I just turned 30. But I've gone a few years without it and it CAN be overcome! My question to you is-do you have a faith?

I promise you aren't dying. It's a tormenting fear to get trapped in! So tormenting and it slowly takes your life away! But you have to get to a point in your mind that you're not going to allow this bully to take over your life. At some point, you have to get brave and say, "I'm not scared to die. So you think you can kill me? Or scare me about it? I don't care what you have to say anymore because fear no longer rules my life! I have PURPOSE!"

I'm working on the same mindset right now. That's how I've overcome it before--along with my faith in God. It takes practice but it works! Stay strong and believe in yourself!


I don't fully understand but lately I am scared of going out, scared of something that I am not sure what it is but I am determined to beat it.

I urge you to keep posting as there are great people here to help.


Hi kaylala Ive been feeling like that for ages it's awful, just know your not going to die, I reading this book and its helping me one day at a time, it's self help for your nerves by Dr Claire Weekes, x


I'm in that same state of mind :(

Sorry you are going through this.

I am not on any medications which after all I've been through recently I should be its starting to grow on one of my kids.

I get physical symptoms like the palpitations, shortness of breath, trachycardia, afraid of loosing control and dying infront of my kids.

It's always there.

You are not alone in your thoughts.

You can try writing down your fears get a journal write down your fears analyze where did it come from and getting to know of a way to help you get past that train of thought it helped me for a bit and it's very helpful. The only reason it hasn't really helped me right now is that I don't get out much I try to stay in the comfort of my home. You are young take baby steps go for a walk around your neighborhood or to a small shop and then work your way up to the big city.

Maybe it was too much stimuli for you and you felt short of breath?

When ever you need anyone to talk to come on here you'll find someone to relate with and get things of your chest.


Thankyou for all your replies just so scared feel like I really can't breath it's such a weird feeling I can't get out my head that I'm going to die and I reallly want to. My life's ruined and I feel so upset :(!! /Horses23 Iv just ordered the book online

Hope your all okay message me if you need someone to talk to x


Hi what you are describing is exactly how I felt and I also spent all mytime in the bedroom.Things that helped me was if you have a smart phone I downloaded an app called stop panic and anxiety self help by excel at life its free and it has a fab app about panic attacks.I used to put my earphones in and play it sometimes all day to help me calm down and take my mind off the situation.At the end of the day its our minds that cause the anxiety and you have to re train the mind it does not happen overnight but it will get better and better in time but you have to work at it.A leeson I had to do in CBT was when you feel it coming on do the dishes and feel the water and concentrate only on that eg,how hot is the water I can feel the soap suds they are so soft etc,its all about distraction.Keep your spirits up it will get easier


I started having this problem when I was a young child. It would occur then after several weeks it would start to recede. As an adult it is a challenge. I take medication but know that the root of the problem is a fear of being out of control. I am in control AT HOME. I do try to get out and have found that walking helps ease the anxiety.


Hi sorry your going through this crap ,I know only too well what your going through,A book I bought saved me no mistake,,everyone who suffers anxiety should have this book ,you can use it when ever you need it ,its called ,,,At Last A Life ,,,by paul david bye it bye it by it all the best


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