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So I'm hoping someone will help me. So I'm up at 6 in the morning freaking out because my brother is getting sick. I'm having a horrible panic attack right now because I have a huge fear of getting it and I just hate when anyone else gets sick. My friend even invite me to go on a little trip today and I'm scare to go in case I get this virus while I'm with her. Does anybody have any advice/tips on how to deal with this phobia? Thanks so much!

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Hello :),

I too hate being sick and worry about getting sick if those around me are ill. However, worrying about it will make no difference to whether you get sick or not (I've learned from long experience!) - if you can distract yourself and try not to get too caught up in the worry (as well as practicing sensible hygiene such as washing hands (not obsessively) for those who are ill) and go with it. Fight the fear, don't limit what you do by the fear of something that "might" happen, it might not happen and you could miss some great times with your friends.

Think what would you do if you got sick. You'd be sick and then you'd get over it. It's not nice being sick, but so long as you're not intoxicated it shouldn't kill you. It's your body's way of keeping you safe from bugs and bad food.

I hope you family are all well soon and I hope you can go out and enjoy yourself with friends because sitting at home worrying about getting ill is such a waste (I fight this fear myself all the time, don't let it win!). Try not to worry, try and enjoy yourself and if you get ill you will cope with it but you'll have enjoyed yourself in the mean time.

Leveller x

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I have this too I have to take many deep breaths in order to calm down. Sometimes I have to leave the building or school to call my mom. No one around the area I live has this problem so I feel alone, no one understand they try to act like they do but they really don't. I've had it sence I was five and I'm now 13. Yes I know I'm Spose to be 16 but I really need to talk about it. I understand totally what your going through when my brothers sick I run and hid in my room. Or when I'm having a angxeity attack I scratch and pull my hair. I'm getting better again but it takes time. If not already I would talk to you doctor maybe he could give you something to help. I'm on metacation (mind my spelling) and it really helps I take it every night before bed.


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