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S1 to L4 Fusion

I am going to document the S1 to L4 fusion of my wife to give you our prospective. My wife is 43 in good health (other than this). She is in surgery right now. We had numerous ortho, nuro, ortho/nuro surgeons we consulted before moving forward with the surgery. With pain in her left leg all the way down to her foot and the possibility of loosing mobility and bowl movement we knew we needed "help". MRI's and X-rays confirmed that the disc space between s1 and L4 was bad. After long discussions we opted for surgery. Surgery is underway today Dec 18, 2014. Merry Xmas to us. I will keep everyone up to date on the progress. Sorry I am not using all the medical mumbo jumbo but if you want to know anything specific I am sure I can answer it. 3 hours into the surgery.....

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I wonder if you may have posted on the wrong site

This is for Anxiety support , people suffering with Anxiety even though I can imagine you may be feeling anxious at the moment

I hope everything goes well with your wife's operation

Take Care & Happy Christmas :-)




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Why probably are correct. Never was good at techno stuff. Anyway the surgery finished. Into recovery. Surgery went great. Almost no blood loss and everything screwed in and bolted together. More to come. Maybe it was fate that I ended up on the anxious blog.


Hello :-)

Maybe it was fate & I am really pleased to hear the operation has gone well :-)

I hope your wife has a speedy recovery & make sure you look after you to :-)



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