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I'm back again.. for a while it seems like my health anxiety subsided and life was great until I experienced new and different symptoms. First off let me say that I have been on birth control for about 5 years and plan on going off in the next few months and I am not sexually active currently. When I was sexually active about a year or so ago I would always get urinary tract infections constantly. 2 Fridays ago I felt like I was getting an oncoming UTI which consisted of burning when urinating and stomach pains. I went to the doctor for vaginal and pelvic/stomach/back pain, and the test came back negative for a UTI, she treated me for a yeast infection. It is now a week later and the burning sensation is gone but I am still having cramping, vaginal, and pelvic pain. It feels like I constantly have my period but I don't as the birth control that I'm on I get it every 3 months. My anxiety is taking over as I am worried it is something very serious like cancer. I am going to the hospital for a pelvic and kidney ultrasound on Friday afternoon. I am not sure whats wrong with me this time and I am extremely nervous and scared of the outcome of the tests.

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With all what is going of you are bound to feel anxious & we always think the worse yet the chances are it will be something very simple & try & be reassured that you are in the best hands & have medical care to check everything is fine

Let us know how Friday goes & tell them when you go how worried & anxious you feel & ask them if they could reassure you or you will feel anxious all weekend & this is making you feel ill , sometimes when I have done that they have told me the results there & then , I hope they may be able to do that for you to

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