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Terrible Anxiety second day

Felt fine all day now that's night time I'm experiencing racing heart and general tired feeling. I know that I should just do something to distract myself but I can't stop feeling too frightened to move. My stomach has constant butterflies but I feel hungry so I know I'm not ill but too nervous to eat. I just want to enjoy my life again. There were so many years where I didn't feel like this and I hate that I feel this way now. I have a three year old whom I should be playing with and forgetting all of this nonsense but I cant. I'm starting to really hate my job and feeling anxious knowing I have to be there tomorrow morning. I feel scared and lost when all I want is to feel happy.

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Have you thought of baby blues it's been known to strike at any time from birth till 5 yrs.

I got severe depression then the anxiety started.

Try eating an apple chew it very slowly and thoroughly then swallow, as soon as the taste starts hitting all your taste buds and will allow you to eat it no problem, and it helps with the butterflies in your tummy feeling.

Think of good memories you had as a kid and try to recreate it with your lil one. Or do some exercise with them like dancing.

As for the racing heart what I do lately. dunno if it's a bad thing, but I start by taking in deep breaths till I somewhat calm down. Then I get the rubbing alcohol and smell it or I get the vapor rub and smell that it slows down my heart rate. Or I paint my nails, just something in detail that will distract you from the horrible feeling also repeat it to yourself it's just anxiety. About 98% of the time it works. :)



I thought it was baby blues too. It happened exactly two years after she was born so it seemed unlikely, but i was starting to feel a mix of emotions, some that weren't always fond towards my daughter. My Dr never brought it up though, thought I was just depressed. I know I can be depressed from time to time, but the anxiety beats that and then some. You're right, I need a distraction, now that there is no more school to focus on, I'm feeling lost. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts.


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