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Hi guys soz aint been on for a few weeks on saturday my 15 year old dog attacked me and left my hand in a mess luckily i didnt need stitches??? Whats scaring me is last week i had a blood test done for glucose and thyroid now ive been sent for another test cuz my clucose is slightly raised now im crapping myself case ive got ought serious!!!! Please help

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I hate having blood tests and I've had quite a few over the last 18 months since being diagnosed with anxiety. My very doc told me that GPs are encourage to test for glucose levels because the raised level can indicate a possibility of developing diabetes later. (Cue for me to go into anxiety panic mode!) But he assured me that it would be far easier to control if picked up at this very early stage. As it happened, further tests just indicated I was a borderline case so I was let off with a warning just to watch my weight and not to eat too much starchy food etc.

Try to see it as a preventative check, a precaution, to head off possible problems before they develop.


Thanks so much blorengia so much has happened over the last week I think it's just caught up with me and triggered me off but thanks very much xxxx


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